Workshops & Webinars

With knowledge comes success!

FleetCrew offers complimentary educational events to help fleet managers and operators better understand CARB’s regulations, compliance options, verified technology, and many other topics of interest related to diesel emission compliance.

Emission Education Training

  • Emission Regulation Training
    FleetCrew offers complimentary CARB regulation training to help fleet managers understand the regulations, requirements, compliance options and more. Trainings are available in a "Lunch & Learn" format or through on-line webinars for your convenience. ✔ Sign Me Up!

  • DPF Maintenance Training
    We know that keeping your mechanics up-to-date on your newest retrofit technology is essential. Educating your maintenance team on how the retrofits operate and how to properly maintain them will be necessary to keep your vehicles and DPFs operating at their maximum potential. For this reason, FleetCrew offers free monthly public workshops in a lunch & learn format at our FleetCrew facility, and different venues across the state of California. ✔ Sign Me Up!

  • Private Training at Your Location
    For a more personalized approach, FleetCrew brings our training coaches to you! This allows for a more hands-on experience and gives your technicians the opportunity to train on your specific equipment and retrofit devices. Your technicians will learn the functionality of the retrofit devices, proper maintenance techniques and what to do if the LED monitor lights turn on. Live demonstrations will be available pertaining to the LED monitor lights, retrofit diagnostic software, downloading and reading data records and ultimately troubleshooting faults. Hands-on training ensures that your drivers and mechanics put what they learn to immediate, productive use. ✔ Sign Me Up!

  • E-Learning. Customer Training Portal
    View on-line training videos and download training materials on-demand! In addition to our classroom-based curriculum, FleetCrew offers remote and self-paced training videos and provides easy access to training materials for drivers and mechanics. The training videos provide the same content as classroom courses but with the advantage of learning from your location and on your schedule. Our e-learning education offerings are free of charge. To request on-line access you must register. Upon registration, your information will be verified and a user ID login and password will be e-mailed to you, within 3 business days, for private access to the Customer Training Portal ✔ Sign Me Up!

CARB Training Courses

FleetCrew supports the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in their effort to bring awareness to the public regarding the different diesel vehicle regulations. CARB Courses Series 500 cover new and existing regulations designed to reduce emissions from diesel vehicles used in a variety of activities, including on-road commercial trucks and buses; diesel vehicle idling; transportation refrigeration units (TRU); drayage trucks used at ports; construction, mining, and other industries.

For more information on 500 Series Courses, click here.